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TrendADeal | Digital and Social Media Engine

Social Media Marketplace | Influencer Marketing | Data Engineering | Digital Analytics | Development

TrendADeal is a social and digital services marketplace portal where you can find on-demand digital & social media services. We enable online professionals to post deals at the best price to suit any buyer's need. If you aren't satisfied with the set of professionals, you can also create a deal offer ,which is a portfolio offer for services that you need. At trendadeal we believe in quality service providers, over qauntity, and therefore have a verification system that allows a user to have his digital and social media competency checked. We do this by vetting the user's qaulification standard if needed, or encourage to write short competency tests to prove their expertise. We also go a step further by verifying the influence of any social media related service. We do this by deriving analytics for any instagram,tik tok, twitter or youtube account so you can see analytics like, engagement, influence ratio, like/comment averages and etc.


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For Your Business

Credibility | Industry Marketing | Product Expansion

The world is currently in a "digitization of services" revolution. Any business that doesn't have a sense of digital presence is slowly losing relevance and/or customers. For the first time, innovations from other countries are threatening our businesses, so you need a portal where you can access these resources at any time, at any price. Since we also know authenticity and credibility is such a big problem when under-going projects, we verify user's to make your choice easier. As for any social media service, you can request for analytics, or use those analytics to generate leads for your business.


For Digital Experts

Data Analysts | Social Media Developers | UI | UX Designers

What better way to make online than to learn a digital skill, get verified and exchange a service. All of this can be done remotely. The internet has now standardized free education, and you can earn an unimaginable amount of money by just selling your skill on TrendADeal. We offer an extra 42 Extra sources of income that require no start-up costs. If you a digital designer, developer this is the place for you.


For The Influencer | Social Media Specialist

Content Creation | Brand Exposure | Passive Income

Influence isn't about following anymore, since it was said that there are over 150 million follower bots. Its about the value you give to a brand. As a social media users, you can create content, sell your account for an incredible amount of money. Social media is becoming a way of life, so don't miss the train on how you can monetize your influence. Create relationships that can change the course of your life through brand features and sponsors.

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