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Our story

Hi ! My name is Thlalefo and I'm the director of Inmoolah. We created this website out of the passion to create a digital platform that can build a social infrastructure for businesses, as well as to inspire creative content from our Youth. We have realized that for a business to succeed, it needs the right market. There are many people who can attract that specific market, thanks to social media. The initial idea of the concept was in 2019, but the actual development happened in May 2020.

Although 2020 was a very difficult year for many businesses, it also exposed whether or not these businesses contribute to the overall growth of the country. With the economy crashing, it was clear that we needed to look at new strategies to build our financial infrastructure. One of these strategies was innovation.

Many of the strongest digital businesses that run in South Africa, were pioneered from different countries. These businesses had a long-term vision - to create a product that can cater to a global network. These are the likes of facebooks, instagrams, googles and many other apps. Inmoolah isn't the only affiliate, lead generation, social media marketing web app. But I can assure you it's one of the first of it's kind in our country, because people wouldn't dare to compete with these mega-franchises. We needed to create a product that can show the value in our country isn't just in our minerals and culture, but in the minds of our people. That calls for innovation.

You can do countless things with this app. Open a digital agency, get a following for your product, get paid to advertise. Our vision is create a relationship between customer and products, and get our people promoting products made in our country. The sad fact is that we don't trust something that is african made, because we don't understand that potential.

Everybody knows social media has the potential to build futures and change legislature. We saw this with the #blacklivesmatter trend. Many would agree that injustice and systemic racism isn't new, but the fact that a 10 minutes nearly ruptured a worldwide protest proves the power of social media. Many disadvantaged people don't have the opportunity to be empowered to be financially free. They don't have degrees, but they have facebook. This is all they need, to make a living.

I hope this app not only inspires innovation, but brings change to people who believe they have no way out.

“If we are going to be part of the solution, we have to engage the problems.”

— Majora Carter